Saturday, October 31, 2009

DoveTail Rustic Soap Display Rack

I am trying a few new items I just completed to add into my Store. Recently I have noted some requests about a soap display rack that Herrick Kimball from The DeliberateAgrarian has generously offered to the community to copy.

Figuring out how to cut out the pieces from the picture wasn't too bad but then I thought about assembling it. I know I didn't want to use screws or nails as it would detract from the rustic look. Then I thought why not use sliding dovetails that way the rack could be shipped flat pack and easily assembled with no tools. It could also be just as easily disassembled to pack away.

I have a lot of experience cutting sliding dovetails using my Incra Jig so naturally I started there. The great thing about the Incra Jig is the fine adjustments that are crittical to make the joints slip together easily but yet not too loose as to be overly sloppy. It's a fine line but very doable using the Incra Jig. The parts are cut using my Table Saw from 3/4" Poplar board and I used my Band Saw for the 45 deg. steps. I finished off the edges with a 45 deg. bevel cut on my router table. After some sanding the rack is ready to ship. I have left it unfinished for a natural look but it is easily painted or stained.

So here is the finished Display Rack holding a collection of my wife's Kinky Etsy Shop. I think it looks great. If you're interesed here is the link to the item in my store

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Jason Hall said...

How cam I purchase one oh these racks?