Tuesday, December 11, 2007

How I Got Started in Wood Crafting

Well here I go with my first blog. I started this blog mainly to document my journey as I learn the art of wood craftsmanship. I began this journey really as a kid watching my dad work on our house. He was always tinkering with some home improvement project and although I wasn't really interested at the time I couldn't help but learn by osmoses watching and occasionally helping. I had my own small projects back them, I build a dog house for my golden retriever that actually kept her warm and dry. I build a gun rack using a power tool for the very first time (jig saw) out one piece of plywood. It wasn't perfect but it was my design!

I pretty much left the world of wood crafting as I perused my career in electronics engineering until a few years ago when I got married and we bought our first home and now our second. As a home owner I was faced with either paying questionable contractors to make repairs or with the daunting task of learning how to fix them myself in order to save some money. I wish now I had learned more from my Dad. My wife found some super tool bargains at yard sales and I was on my way to becoming a Mr. Fixer.

A couple of years later we started our Sweet Lollipop Shop business and we needed some displays build. I gladly created shelfs, and lollipop stands. We came up with the idea to create a Lollipop Tree for Christmas sales. My design was unique and we sold a few at our craft shows.

This fall I had some stock options coming to me so I finally decided to invest in some better tools including a new router table and gulp a band saw. Both of those tools turned out to be a great investment for me. I was able to cut out the trees on the band saw like butter. So much so that I decided to improve upon my original design and came up with a new solid pine and solid oak lollipop tree. I even routed all the edges giving a hand carved appearance. My wife loved the natural finish.

While researching band saws I came across books and articles describing how to make "band saw boxes". The idea was intriguing to me so after I made my run of trees for this year I had an idea to create a ducky themed jewelery box as a Christmas gift for my youngest daughter. It came out better than I could have imagined. My wife loved it and wanted to add it to her sweetlollipop.etsy.com store. My duck quickly ended up in a treasure page and had over 100 views in one day. Wow I felt like a success even if it didn't sell.

I wanted to learn more about making band saw boxes so I purchased "The Ultimate Band Saw Box Book" by Donna LaChance Menke. One of her designs was a small box in the shape of a baby chick. You are right as I had to try making that one. I made it in Red Oak with a lacquerer finish. This time my wife convinced me to start my own etsy site: Edwood's WoodCraft Creations shop and I listed the Red Oak Baby Chick Treasure Box. It sold!

So now I am hooked I have tons of ideas for my creations. I have lots to learn and experiment. Some will pan out some will end up being learning experiences. Perhaps some will tickle your fancy. I would love it you would occasionally check in on my progress........

more to follow...


SweetLollipopShop said...

I love it ... and I think you should list your pine chicky box because it's absolutely adorable!

"crazy ducky lady" (the wife)


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