Thursday, February 18, 2010

Worlds Most Useless Machine Build - Part 5

Building My Own Version of "The World's Most Useless Machine"
Part 5 - SketchUp Model 

My First Video Blog

I think I need to be committed over this project because I know I have gone over the top now. I created a Google SketchUp model with animation to show how the machine will be built. Actually there was a good reason to make a 3D model and that was to help me figure out all the mechanical stuff. Working it all out in the virtual world is a whole bunch easier than making the actual real stuff. It's real easy to move or re-size a piece on the fly with SketchUp.

But just to prove just how far gone I am I created a couple of videos and uploaded them on YouTube. One is an animation of how the machine will work. And the second is my video blog on how I used SketchUp to help me design the machine.

Video Blog - How I used SketchUp to help me design this machine.

Let me know how the idea of a video blog works out.


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