Monday, March 1, 2010

Winter WindStorm 2010 Damge

We got smacked by a scary Winter Wind Storm last Thursday night. The storm had hurricane force wind gusts of +90 mph and sustained wind force of 60-70 mph. As result our town of Londonderry NH lost 99% of the power (including us). The State of NH lost ~50% of the power grid. Trees and flooding everywhere. It was like a bomb went off.

Out biggest problem was with the power failure our basement/ my workshop was flooding. We only have a 2500W generator and it was not enough to power up both sump pumps at the same time plus keep some heat going from the pellet stove. It was a major battle to keep things as under control as possible until we got power back Late Saturday night.

We still have some minor flooding in the basement but it is getting under control. I will have lots of clean up after I get all the water drained and things dry out a bit. Hopefully not too much damage.

So for now my workshop is shut down while we recover.

But the good news is all the family is fine including our numerous pets. 


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