Saturday, November 21, 2009

The CupCake Treasure Box

Introducing my latest Creation; my CupCake Treasure Box in solid Cherry Wood. I am really happy how it came out

I recently remade one of my Baby Chick Treasure Boxes in Cherry and that too looked great. My Wife Louise strongly suggested I needed to make a similar box in the CupCake shape that has been pretty poplar for my soap dishes. Again as always she was right!

The CupCake shape works perfectly for a swivel top type of box. The cavity is good size to hold lots of treasure. I finished the piece with Bush Oil; an oil varnish mixture made from Tung and Boiled Lindseed Oils. Last year I had the pleasure of taking a finishing class taught by the inventor of the finishing oil Bill Bush. I learned a ton and off this fabulous oil finish product. The final sanding was done using micro mesh pads which leave a highly polished finish.

Both the CupCake and Baby Chick Boxes are technically called Bandsaw boxes due the the technique of starting with a solid raw block of wood and using a bandsaw to shape the block then hollow out the cavity. Personally I think it should be called the Bandsaw/Sanding box making method. It takes lots and lots of sanding in really tight corners. However the method allows for more free form artistic shapes such as these examples and that is cool.

I enjoy this type off work because it fits in my my style of uniqueness. I posted about the art of woodcrafting a while back I mentioned that my goal was to have my pieces present a more artistic side and combining the practical functionality. I think with this piece I am closer to my goal.


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