Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Marketing my products

Since I made the decision to get a bit more serious about selling my products I quickly realized I had to do some marketing. Luckly for me my wife has become quite the internet marketer with her Esty shops and has been helping me a great deal. She introduced me to the power of Twitter which I have been experimenting with to help get more views of my products on my Etsy Edwood's WoodCraft Creations store. And to some extent it seems to be helping the number of views and products being sold. I also started up a Face Book Business Page Edwood's WoodCraft Creations to help with the promotion. I am still very small scale with all this but I look at it as another challenge to learn how to market your goods effectively. I have had some great feedback on the items I have sold so it encourages me to continue and expand.

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