Saturday, November 14, 2009

My new Vee Dub Beetle Car WoodenSoap Dish

I just finished making and listing my latest wooden soap dish design; a Vee Dub Beetle Car. I actually have to give the credit to my wife Louise as she cut out the shape on her Cricut machine on a piece of heavy cardboard then made some sketches for the slots to cut. We both like the idea of using the slots as a design element in the pieces. In this case the upper slots are the windows. We separated the upper slots to form two windows with a solid pillar bar between. Once we had the sketch done I scanned in the cutout and used my vector art program to place the actual cuts to be made. Once the template design was complete I transferred it to a hardboard square and made my router guide which I then used to route out the slots and shapes. I used a forsner bit to cut out the wheels.

Louise thought one of her racing ducky soaps would make a great model for the car.

I am having fun coming up with new designs and really enjoying that my wife is helping with the ideas as well. We make a good team.


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