Monday, November 2, 2009

New Line of Soap Saver Dishes

My wife gave the the idea of making and selling soap saver dishes in the shapes of objects rather than the plain boring types you see all over the web. Most of the dishes out there are made from a solid board cut square and saw curfs are taken out on a table saw to make slots to let the air circulate around the soaps helping to preserve them.

I did some research about the types of woods to use and cedar seems like the best choice. It can be left unfinished and has natural resistance to decay from moisture. Perfect for the bathroom. A local wholesale lumber outlet just happened to have Incense Cedar boards on sale so I picked up some. Another benefit is the cedar aroma.

I guess I could have started with a square board, run some table saw curf cuts then cut out the shapes on the bandsaw. But honestly I wanted to be different so I decided to use my new Bosh Plunge Router to mill out slots on the interior of the designs using a template and a guide bushing. After routing the slots I cut out the shapes on the bandsaw.

I am leaving the Soap Saver Dishes unfinished so the cedar aroma comes out plus it fits in with the natural, organic theme many soap makers are positioned in.

The Ducky Soap model is from my Wife's Ducky Soap Etsy Shop.

I have a lot of templates I am working on to add lots of different shapes.

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